Giving up alcohol is a wise decision. When you know what you can expect from detoxification, it will help you understand why you need to go through the process at an alcohol abuse detox facility.

Alcohol WithdrawalAfter your last drink, you can begin to experience withdrawal symptoms within hours. Excessive perspiration, headache, vomiting, nausea, shaking, and anxiety can all start within a few hours. However, while this is only the beginning, other symptoms can occur that are much more serious.

During withdrawal, you can experience a variety of both physical and psychological symptoms. Fever, migraine, diarrhea, weakness, tremors, and an accelerated heart rate are some of the most common physical symptoms. Psychological symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal include panic attacks, irritability, anxiety, extreme fear, confusion, hallucinations, and others.

Some alcohol withdrawal symptoms can put your life in danger. One set of symptoms, known as delirium tremens, can continue for nearly two weeks. The symptoms associated with the DTs include severe confusion, hallucinations, high blood pressure, fever, and seizures. Delirium tremens is one example where medical assistance is not only advisable, but absolutely necessary.

Other serious complications that can occur during withdrawal include heart attacks, seizures, and stroke.

If your health, safety, and life are important to you, these withdrawal symptoms should be reason enough to sign into a detox facility. You do not need to suffer, and you do not have to risk your life to stop drinking.

A second point to keep in mind is some withdrawal symptoms may persist long after the initial withdrawal stage is over. Protracted withdrawal can include headaches, gastrointestinal problems, disorientation, alcohol cravings, and other symptoms. In some instances, protracted withdrawal can continue for a year or more.

Protracted withdrawal is a second reason to begin your life without alcohol at a detoxification facility. When you have professional assistance during the acute stage, you will be better prepared to deal with the chronic symptoms. Rather than spending the next year of your life ill, unable to function appropriately, or with the ongoing risk of relapse, you will be able to cope with your symptoms and remain sober.

Your treatment program is a third reason to sign into an alcohol abuse detox center. Logically, you will benefit the most from treatment when you are able to focus and actively participate. You may not feel your best after detoxification, but you will be ready for the treatment program.

Medically Assisted DetoxThere is no other option that is as effective as assisted detox. People who try to give up drinking alone usually regret it. Some suffer horribly during the withdrawal period, and some even die. Many find the pain of withdrawal is extreme enough to cause them to drink again.

If you have tried to quit before, withdrawal is likely to be more severe this time. The only way your body and mind can adjust to being without alcohol is to complete the detoxification process and not drink again. Naturally, you should want to make the process as easy and safe as possible. This is why you need assisted detox.

Drinking has taken a toll on your body, mind, and life. As your entire system is used to the effects of alcohol, suddenly being without it can be painful and difficult. This does not mean you must look forward to horrible suffering when you decide to quit.

In a detox facility, you will have options. Consistent or periodic medication, or basic support, will help you get through the most difficult withdrawal symptoms without needless suffering. It can also mean the difference between life and death.

You have already made the sensible decision to stop drinking. Do not risk senseless suffering or a life-threatening situation by trying to use the cold-turkey method. Quitting is not a matter of willpower, strength, or maturity. It is a serious process that requires professional assistance. Your life may depend on it.

Today can be the day you take your last drink. Make the decision to start your journey to sobriety at an alcohol abuse detox facility. You will be in a much better position to start your treatment program, and gain the most from it. At some point in the future, you will be glad you made this decision.

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